25.31 Acres



2 miles from Missouri River between Helena and Great Falls.

(Part of the ranch where famous actor, Gary Cooper, grew up!)

$35,900 (reduced from $49,900)


(see satellite photos at bottom of this page)

Sugarloaf Mountain Lane is our road in:


Upper Building Area:




View From Building Area:


Road Through Property (needs trees cleared):


From Upper Building Area:


From Upper Building Area:


Looking NW toward the steepest view (from road):


East Entrance to land (that's my new Honda Civic):


This is our exit (Cooper Drive bridge):


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Current Owners:    Clark and LeeAnn Callear

                                PO Box 843

                                Orofino, Idaho 83544

Main Website: www.GETAWAYLAND.com

Phone:                    208-476-3186

Email:         clark@callear.org

Legal Description:

Lot 4, Sugar Loaf, Gary Cooper Seven-Bar-Nine Ranch Subdivision, Cascade County, Montana, more particularly described as:

    A tract of land in the N1/2, Section 7, T 16 N., R 2 W, M.P.M., Cascade County, Montana; More fully described as follows:

    Beginning at a point which lies west 1584.21 feet and north 257.60 feet from the East 1/4 corner, Section 7; thence N 7539 W, 1119.36 feet; thence N 637 E, 544.31 feet; thence N 240 E, 513.83 feet; thence S 7713 E, 967.26 feet; thence S 4259 E, 280.24 feet; thence S 3242 W, 496.50 feet; thence S 1455 E, 511.59 feet to the point of beginning, containing 25.31 acres.


Price:         $35,900 (Reduced from $49,900), Cash or Trade






The 25.3 acres is south of Sugarloaf Mountain (elevation 4500 feet), in the NW Quarter of Section 7.


Following is a computer enhanced 3 dimensional ariel photo... not to be confused with an actual photo.  This shows the property from a southern view.  You can see Cooper Drive as it leaves the freeway.  It turns into Sugarloaf Drive and goes up to our 25.3 acres (White area in upper left-hand corner is a very rough sketch of the land. It should be drawn a little farther to the left. See accurate photos below)


This is an Accurate 3D View (closeup):

(The 2 acre building area is on the right side of green line):


This is an Accurate Satellite Photo:


Close Up Satellite Photo:


Comments: The land slopes to the southeast (of Sugarloaf Mountain) with nice building sites just above where the access road meets the northeasterly portion of the property. With a few hours of dozer work, a very nice building site could be leveled off (with a short driveway).  The property is surveyed and marked off with steel survey monuments.  Fantastic views.  These house sites are at 4400 feet altitude (the Missouri River below is at 3400').  Locally this area is known as Dearborn and is half-way between Helena and Great Falls.  From the freeway (Missouri River) you turn onto Cooper Drive which is a gravel road, you fork onto Sugarloaf Drive which leads to our place.  We are 2 miles from the Missouri River with a spectacular view looking out over the top of the river basin.  If some of the trees were removed we would easily have a river view.


I have been buying and selling real property for over 30 years.  I'm not a broker or agent, I am simply an investor/developer.  I sold a motel (here in Orofino, Idaho)a few years ago and the buyers gave me this Montana property for a down payment.  I didn't really appreciate the fact that the land was part of the Cooper Ranch until recently.

The price I have given is not based on any extra value that should be added because of the historical value of the land.  In fact it is far less than a price comparison with comparable properties. 

For sporting, recreation, and for those who are enthusiastic about the beauties of nature, it would be difficult to find a nicer location.

Contact me at the above numbers if I can be of further assistance.

Below you will find links for helpful information about this land including ariel photos, topographical maps, and historical information.

Clark Callear                 



Some History of our Montana Land...

"...he [Gary Cooper as a youth] spent much time at the Cooper's ranch north of town. The Seven-Bar-Nine Ranch near Craig, Montana was his haven - where he learned to ride, do ranch work, and form a natural bond with the Western landscape." (Myrna Loy Center. All rights reserved)



Here's an awesome pamphlet I found reproduced on the Internet:

"Enjoy The Gary Cooper Guest Ranch As It Was In 1930!" http://cooplover.com/ranches.htm Click the above link for a visit to our land:  Gary Cooper's Dearborn Ranch.The 25.31 acres I'm selling is part of this ranch.  Apparently a "dude-ranch" was set up on the original Cooper "Seven-Bar-Nine"  Ranch (Some of these 75-year-old black-and-white photos show the same scenery as it appears today!):  Cooper's Ranch-house circa 1930(Near Callear's 25.6 acres)Read more about the history of this land as it pertains to Gary Cooper's young years... I've provided a few Gary Cooper links for your enjoyment:




Good links to photos of the area around this 25.31 acres:
http://infolink.cr.usgs.gov/Photos/MTTownGalleries/CraigGallery/InternetFiles/index.htm http://infolink.cr.usgs.gov/Photos/MTTownGalleries/CascadeGallery/InternetFiles/index.htm http://infolink.cr.usgs.gov/Photos/MTTownGalleries/UlmGallery/InternetFiles/index.htm

This is a live webcam at Gary Cooper Bridge (about 2 miles from property

The Montana Department of Transportation has set up a live webcam at the "Gary Cooper Bridge".  This is at milepost 242 on I-15 as it crosses the Missouri River.  What's really cool is that this live camera is pointing at our land!  Our 25.3 acre tract is 2.1 miles away (and slightly to the right) of the houses that are seen in this view.  Have a look,  in real time... you are looking at the original Gary Cooper Ranch:

Click Here for Live WebCam


P.S.  Perhaps you are interested in other western properties... LeeAnn and I also have land to sell in Idaho, Texas, Arizona, and Nevada.  Click Here and let me know what area interests you and I'll send you a link showing you our specific properties in that area. We are also interested in trading for real or personal property.



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